New Media Capitals


While Hollywood clearly dominates the global plethora of filmic entertainment, we are seeing how the growing effects of globalisation have given rise to an emergence of transnational mediated flow to and form all over the world (Curtin 2003) 

“Traditionally, television studies have been resolutely national, focusing on a medium contained within the regulatory, political and economic environs of the nation-state”

Australian owner of international mediated corporations ‘Newscorp’ and ‘21st Century Fox’, a major successor of new media capitals, has established a joint-venture company based in Hong Kong after forging allegiances with past Chinese Propaganda official, rising to the top of STARTV’s mainland satellite programming. Sky Italia, BskyB and Germanic Sky Deutschland are further international initiatives that Murdoch has invested into new patterns of television flow! (Curtin 2003) 

Although we are still irrefutably seeing the Westernisation that is present in all forms of media, it is clear that emerging media capitals are expanding the global audience’s dissatisfaction with the typical ‘American sitcom’ and the shift in their cultural attitudes and perspectives.  


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