Time to reflect…

Reflection time can only mean one thing, the end! Finally!

Blogging was not as bad as I expected it to be, and I even (secretly) enjoyed learning about transmedia, especially because I could find common ground with Dexter. I had heard about the online investigation throughout watching the series but didn’t know it was a form of transmedia which admittedly was a pretty fascinating concept. Citizen journalism and collective intelligence was also a preferred topic, the bounds our society has taken, and is continuing to take towards “niche content” and the reflection upon how far we have come from “news as a bundle” was quite remarkable. The last favoured topic was our ‘remix culture’ and delving into culture jamming – I had no idea how remixed things are becoming, almost everything has been recycled or mashed up. Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call me maybe’ was my chosen example and even after posting about it, I followed up countless other send ups, finding the Harvard and Texas baseball team parody as well as one by the ORICA Green Edge Pro cycling team.

Following a media platform however, was far more challenging. I didn’t enjoy learning about platforms or following their updates, while I thoroughly enjoy using them, discovering the background knowledge or how/why they have emerged held no interest to me and I certainly struggled to keep up. In hindsight though, my experience with blogging could have been far worse, so I will say a kind farewell, but you WordPress, will not be missed!


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