He-man woman haters!

Hey Ben, please refer to this post for marking, paragraphs were out of order in the submitted template. My apologies!

The wedge between males and females was driven there a long time ago, it dates back – for me – as far as I can immaturely remember, for example:

Childish indeed, but seemingly optimistic compared to the way things are now. In the newest production of the ‘Little Rascals’ in 1994, girls and boys were separated by choice, their differences turned them off one another, but of course by the end, came together by accepting each other’s differences and finding ‘puppy love.’ Today, the separation we feel is not by choice, we did not choose to be put beneath our male counterparts, nor did we choose to receive the abuse we cop for standing up in an attempt to change this.
Dale Spender discussed ‘women online’ in 1997 and came to the conclusion that: women need modems. To translate, women need to get involved in the online environment so as to make their mark. While yes, there have been some celebratory changes made over this time until now, there has also been an extended plateau in many other aspects:
-only 1 in 10 women are considered in the ‘top 50 most significant people online’
-85% of Wikipedia posts are authored by men
-female protagonists in the gaming world are slim to none

In my humble opinion, women have moved forward online (and even offline), but nowhere near enough. Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore claimed when interviewed that she couldn’t “put on here some stuff men write to me. It involves dismemberment, blood and excrement.” It is from these kind of remarks that the #mencallmethings hashtag was constructed, a twitter tag that can be seen as a means of fighting back against the sexism that is so evident in our online society, they believe putting it out in the open and making it known is the first step. Even our Australian Prime Minister is fighting back, Guilia Gillard’s speech late last year on sexism was aimed directly her misogynistic opposition – declaring that if Tony Abbott “wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror“. Based on Suzanne Moore’s experience with abuse, I find it no coincidence that the capacity to make comments on this video has been disabled.


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