Reflection time …Oh goody!

Over the past weeks, not only have I obviously become far more user-friendly with WordPress, but the knowledge I have developed and come to value about how deeply affected our generation has become over the years by the media that surrounds it. From growing awareness of the ‘media effects model’ and the criticisms that follow to denotations and connotations of any given image and the way in which media ownership dictates the way our society goes about their ‘every day’ life.

The most appealing part for me; was the media effects model and the critiques that came with it. The way in which our mediated sphere is held accountable for the wrong-doings in society has become a topic that has remained frontal in my mind for quite some time – I often find myself questioning my own behaviour and that of those around me in relation to that depicted in the media.

Sometimes a struggle, but in the end I’ve had an overall enjoyable experience with this blog and the learning curves that came with it!


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