The open sourced platform has redrawn its claim of “free music with internet radio from the largest music catalogue online” as the music streaming service now requires users to pay for its radio feature. Although alleging “license restrictions,” Last.fm assures that listening data, charts, and recommendations will not be affected by this change.” http://www.digitaltrends.com/music/last-fm-radio-killed-off/

As of Janauary 15th 2013, Canada, United Kingdom, United Sates of America, Australia, Ireland, Brazil and New Zealand will continue to have paid only access; however, last.fm now provides no other countries with this privilege, wiping it completely from their spectrum regardless of a paid subscription.

It is this change that is moving last.fm out of its supposed ‘open sourced’ position and placing it well within that of a ‘closed source’ platform, limiting its users opportunities to utilise the site to its fullest potential – yet while it seems this inaccessibility of the previously availabilities – increases the control that platform has over its users, it appears to be working in the opposite way. The lack of generation of music on the site, decreases the generation of contact that Last.fm’s ‘prosumers’ are having with one another… Now with less access to them, there is a lesser chance of this medium promoting its projected message through the increasing inability it has created to converge with one another. While it is still a public sphere, its private sector is on the rise.


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